With Mix n' Spin even a simple smoothie becomes instant magic.


  • The precision of the stainless steel blades and the power of the motor turn fruit into smoothies in just few seconds;
  • Fast wireless charging with 50W pad to be ready at any time;
  • Easy to clean and waterproof;
  • Simple and attractive design for everyday life.
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All the power in one blender

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The Fresh Juice is the most cutting-edge electric blender ever. Its stainless steel blades, allow you to mix any kind of fruit in no time and with the 50W quick charge, your smoothies will be ready at any time, even on the go!

The power of The Fresh Juice is just one of the many qualities of this blender. An elegant designed bottle that can blend any type of fruit in just few seconds, thanks to its precise blades and the autonomy of its motor that allows you to blend anytime, anywhere.

For a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle

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